Carrie Teo

Thye Shan Medical Hall


Personal Project




Thye Shan is a heritage brand in Singapore, with a rich history dating back to its founding by Chan Chak Poey in 1955. As a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) company, Thye Shan has built a reputation for trust and credibility over its 60-year history, with a core consumer base aged between 40 to 65.

In a bid to attract younger customers, I undertook a rebranding project for Thye Shan Medical Hall. After conducting research, I discovered that younger customers prefer medicinal products that are more accessible and easier to understand. To bridge the gap between Thye Shan and its younger audience, I hand-illustrated Chinese herbs on their packaging to give the brand an updated, organic look while maintaining its traditional aesthetic.


Graphic Design, Illustration, Hand Drawing, Branding, Logo, Letterhead, Namecard, Packaging, Print


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