Thye Shan Medical Hall


Personal Project




Founded by Chan Chak Poey in 1955,
Thye Shan is a 60-year old Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) company.

As a heritage brand in Singapore, Thye Shan consumers buy their products based on trust. Known for their long history and credibility, Thye Shan's target customers are between 40 to 65.

In this project, I wanted to bridge the gap between Thye Shan and its younger customers. Through my research, I found that younger customers are more prone to purchasing medicinal products that are more accessible and easier to understand their use. To rebrand Thye Shan Medical Hall, I hand-illustrated Chinese herbs on their packaging. I wanted to give an updated organic look to the brand while maintaining its traditional aesthetic.


Graphic Design, Illustration, Hand Drawing, Branding, Logo, Letterhead, Namecard, Packaging, Print

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